Gummy Bears and Alternators

Keith Kodet and Justin Wagner change the alternator in the parking lot of Autozone

     With a belly full of gummy bears, Twizzlers, and overpriced coffee we made our ten hour trip to Lorton, Virginia without much to report. However as we pulled into town the familiar light of charging failure notified me of the third alternator gone bad in less than two years. We met up with our host Adam, a friend of Andrews, and after dropping the trailer he directed us to the local Autozone. Although my Spanish is rusty, we were able to procure and install the new part within a few minutes in their parking lot. we 

With our tow rig alive and healthy again, we headed into town for some dinner at Mission BBQ, where we sampled just about everything on the menu. The walls were adorned with pictures of local first responders and badges, making the entire place quite welcoming. And boy was the food delicious!

Tomorrow is the big day! We are resting up, and ready to finally meet our NAPCO in person. If a bum alternator is the biggest of our problems we’ll take it. Stay tuned!

The Napco

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