Heading out on the trail

Executive Director Keith Kodet, along with myself, Board President Andrew Wagner, and Volunteer Justin Wagner set out to bring home the NAPCO. With a full tank of fuel and full cups of coffee, we depart in Keith’s Ford Excursion for today’s 600 mile trip. We are expecting the trip to take about 11 hours road and weather condition permitting. We have borrowed a recently renovated trailer from Thin Line Offroad with a powerful winch, we expect loading the NAPCO to be an easy process. Both Keith and myself have many years of truck driving experience, so Justin is going to have to learn to live with the long time between bathroom breaks. I have a friend in Lorton Virginia who has offered us room and board which will help to reduce travel expenses. Currently rescue operations like this are funded by members of the board. If you would like to see our collection grow, please consider donating to our museum.

The Napco

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