Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization the MORA relies on it’s network of volunteers to maintain the collections and to operate from day to day. Many opportunities are available for those who would be interested in donating their time to help us grow. Here are ways you can get involved:

  1. General labor – we are always building upon and improving the museum, and there are always things to do. From basic carpentry and electrical work, to cleaning the displays and guest areas, we are always in need of people to lend a hand. 
  1. Restoration and Preservation efforts – although the majority of our displays are on loan from private collectors, we do own several vehicles and displays. Some of these are in need of repairs and restoration, and at times volunteers can work directly with our staff on these projects. 
  1. Fundraising and Awareness – we always encourage individuals and groups to help with fundraising efforts for the museum. Additionally we are in need of individuals familiar with grant application processes and searching for applicable funds. 
  1. Document Organization and Cataloging – We are in the process of building a library collection of automotive literature including books, magazines, and technical manuals. As materials come in, we are looking for volunteers to help catalog these collections. 
  1. The Future – In the near future we are installing a one screen cinema that will serve as a multipurpose facility. We are reusing 1950’s theatre seats that will need some cleaning as we assemble them. We have many other projects in mind, and we are also always looking for interested individuals dedicated to our success to serve on our non-profit board. Please contact us today at 877-FWD-MORA to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

If you are interested in volunteering for the museum, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon.